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June 25, 2016 •• Mitrovica Rock School
Anyone have an old Mac?

The Mitrovica Rock School is looking for two second-hand Apple laptops to use in the north and south branches of the school, if possible with ProTools pre-installed (but if not, still great!). Our students need them to make backing tracks for on-stage production. Examples of bands who make heavy use of Mac-based software in their production are Muse, Coldplay, Tool, and Kendrick Lamar (and any other hip hop artist).


Students at our north branch are interested in using backing tracks for progressive metal, while at our south branch the main interest is in hip hop. And how awesome would that combination be?

Do you have an old Mac you want to give a second life in Mitrovica? We will do a gig in your honor!

No? Will you help us out by sharing this post? A huge thanks from all of us in Mitrovica!

What we need: a MacBook Pro laptop or a mini Mac with plenty of RAM memory. Please contact us at info@mwb.ngo or wendy@mwb.ngo. Thank you for sharing!

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