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June 6, 2016 •• Palestine Community Music
2191 Smiles

During the last months, 2191 children participated in our music workshops, Music as Therapy sessions and Musical Playground workshops and performances. We visited different isolated villages, played music under the hot sun and in the rain. We worked with children who have extra challenges in life, such as learning difficulties, Down Syndrome or being orphaned. We trained new workshop leaders, kindergarten teachers, and rappers. Our workshop leaders come from refugee camps, from the city, and from different religious and social backgrounds. However, all the children and workshop leaders have at least one thing in common: as soon as we make music together, we smile.



Enjoy the pictures in the following photo albums:

Musical Playgrounds in Shawawreh and Dar Salah villages

Musical Playgrounds in Beit Jalla, Abadiyeh and Shawawreh villages

Musical Playground in al-Khader

Musical Playground with 360 girls in Bethlehem

Musical Playgrounds in Wad al-Rahal and Bethlehem