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our work > news > Graduation Day, Mahama Refugee Camp
Graduation Day, Mahama Refugee Camp
June 17, 2016   Rwanda

Over the past 12 months we have worked with a group of thirty young people from Burundi living as refugees in Mahama camp, Rwanda. A team of MwB trainers from Rwanda, Israel and the Netherlands have led them through our course of Community Music Leadership, to become leaders in their community using musical and nonviolent approaches.

During this period, they stepped into the role, leading music workshops with an astonishing 35,000 young people in Mahama refugee camp.

This incredible group of people graduated from their training on April 5th 2016, at a ceremony that was also their final assignment. This video shows them leading large-scale community music in the camp, and successfully completing the Add Newcourse of training.

We proudly welcome them to our team, and look forward to continuing to support them and to learn from them.

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