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All We R Saying
May 30, 2016  

‘All we are saying, is give peace a chance’. John Lennon’s famous one-line song became the anthem of a generation longing to stop a war and build a just society. This positive message inspired people globally for a more peaceful world and fueled the change in public opinion.

Music and lyrics can lead to more understanding and solidarity in times of crisis. But what else can the right message at the right time accomplish? How can a powerful statement change the public debate that is mostly dominated by fear of ‘the other’?

Amsterdam Roots Festival and Musicians without Borders invite music and spoken word artists to come up with a new one-line song for a more peaceful and tolerant world. What is your positive vision for the world? Do you have a message that can touch the hearts and minds of the people?

Share your one liner with us so that we can unite as one voice and sing away all fear and intolerance.


– Come up with a positive, easy to remember one-liner.

– Send your one-line song (max. 30 seconds) as an audio file, video file or written text

– Write the text in English or provide an English translation, if your one-liner is written in another language.

All entries that match the criteria can be uploaded to the Facebook Group at or sent to [email protected] before June 21st.

The winner with the best one-line song will be chosen and announced on Facebook with the help of a professional jury. Moreover, the most moving and powerful one-liner will be presented on Sunday July 3rd during the Amsterdam Roots Open Air Festival.

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