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February 7, 2016 •• Palestine Community Music
Rap for Change

After an incredible training week with rappers and spoken word artists Guus (Kern Koppen) and Manu our Palestinian rap workshop leaders are giving rap writing workshops in different locations in Palestine. Rap is used as a tool to empower the children, and to give them a safe space to express their thoughts. The participants include refugee children and children with serious health issues such as Leukemia and Thalassemia. Thank you for your great work Abed Khatib Nadim Al Ayaseh Mod Ghanayem Ahmad Ramadan Mohamad Allham. Thank you for your cooperation AL-Sadeel Society for Palliative care, al-Funiq Center in Dheisheh camp and Doha Community Center. This program is sponsored by the Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah, thank you very much! #MusicConnects #PeaceEveryDay