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Welcoming a New Year with New Possibilities
January 19, 2016   Palestine

In 2015, we gave 211 music workshops, serving 3428 children (1926 girls, 1502 boys) through these workshops and Musical Playground Performances. We reached 364 children with special needs, including those with Down Syndrome and deaf children. Our local team of workshop leaders as well as the music teachers and social workers from our partner Sounds of Palestine received several training sessions, improving their music and leadership skills.

The last Musical Playground of 2015 took place just before Christmas, in the ‘Nativity School’, located next to the Nativity Church in Bethlehem. 374 boys participated in the music workshops and enjoyed a delicious warm meal after the performance in their school yard.


We want to thank you for your support and for following our activities in 2015. Now stay tuned for our work in 2016!

This year, we plan to expand our local team of music workshop leaders, so we can work in more schools and reach even more children.

Three workshop leaders including a deaf woman are involved in the Music as Therapy distance learning course, and will start weekly Music as Therapy workshops in the spring for their practical assignment.

We continue and expand our partnership with Sounds of Palestine, where 180 kindergarten children from Aida and al-Azzeh refugee camp receive weekly music appreciation lessons, and 100 children participate several days a week in instrument lessons, folklore dancing, music theory lessons, choir and orchestra.

In our Rap for Social Change program young Palestinian rappers trained by Dutch rappers Manu and Guus (Kernkoppen) give weekly rap workshops in which children learn to rap and create their own songs.

We hope to discover more beautiful music in 2016!


Fabienne van Eck is the project manager  and music coach of Palestine Community Music, and gives music workshops in refugee camps, isolated villages and hospitals. Since 2012, Fabienne is the artistic director of Sounds of Palestine, a program for children in refugee camps that combines music and social work.

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