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Campaign Update: Thank you, 25% Raised in First Week
December 9, 2015   Rwanda

On December 1st, World AIDS Day, we launched our December campaign to raise $5000 to provide musical support to 1000s of vulnerable children in Rwanda. Thanks to you, our total after one week is $1390!

Please help us to reach our $5000 goal

You can support Community Music Leaders likeLeontine, who graduated from our trainingin 2013 and now works every single week with 100s of vulnerable children.Pleasewatchher video message:

Every Donation, of any amount, makes a huge difference

Your donation will support Community Music Leaders like Leontine to work with 1000s of vulnerable HIV+ and refugee children in Rwanda. They will use music to bring an experience of community, safety, creativity and joy to children who too often face isolation, danger, stagnation and sadness.

Donate Now, and be a part of this beautiful work

Thank you, Chris

In September 2012, Chris Nicholson set up a music therapy program for people living with HIV and AIDS at a clinic in urban central Rwanda. In September 2013 he returned to continue his therapy work with vulnerable HIV+ adolescents and to establish a training program in Music & Health. He is Project Manager of Rwanda Youth Music and Tanzania Youth Music. Prior to his involvement with music therapy, Chris had an international performance and teaching career as a classical guitarist. He studied classical guitar at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and in Spain with maestros José Tomas and Alex Garrobé.

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