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our work > news > Rwanda 2015-2016: Training week 2
Rwanda 2015-2016: Training week 2
December 2, 2015   Rwanda

Yesterday we began the second week of training in Community Music Leadership for a group of 30 people from Burundi living as refugees in Rwanda, at Mahama camp.

Danny, our trainer, wrote: “I’m so inspired. Many of the 30 young Burundian refugees that I teach this week are called Community Mobilizers. They work with hundreds of children DAILY at the refugee camp. There are more than 30,000 children in the refugee camp, and these young leaders are determined to reach every single child, and bring them the joy of music.

For the past two days, we danced, sang, drummed, and learned about issues of safety, behavior, and setting rules. Tomorrow we will practice songwriting, and plan their workshops with the children on Friday.”

Help us support the team of Community Music Leaders in Rwanda:

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