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Special Music Workshops
October 8, 2015   Palestine

Our talented music workshop leader Halimeh started her first workshop in a new series of music workshops for children with special needs. Halimeh, deaf herself, has a great sensitivity towards children and youth with special needs, and succeeds to engage the children in musical activity, even when she herself can not hear the music. During the coming weeks, she will be working with small groups of children with special needs, including deaf children. 

House of Hope2

Halimeh has been trained by Musicians without Borders since 2011, and is one of the participants this year in the pilot program of our partners Music as Therapy International: through a distance learning course, she learns how to use music as therapy, implementing specific music activities to reach the individual goals of every participant.

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In an environment where children with special needs are one the most marginalized citizens, the workshops of Halimeh are not only providing these children with positive attention, respect and freedom of expression; they are a beautiful example of how someone with special needs herself can become a strong leader, making a change in her community. Thank you Halimeh for your beautiful and important work!

House of Hope

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