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August 17, 2015
Changing the World with Music

We’re proud to announce that Musicians without Borders was featured as one of “eight nonprofits changing the world with music” by Musician’s Friend!

MwB trainer Danny Felsteiner Mekori was interviewed about his work with Musicians without Borders and had this to say:

Although our programs are very diverse, they all give a ‘voice to the voiceless’ and provide a safe place for people who have been marginalized by conflict to express themselves, develop and connect with each other and their communities. 

For children in Palestinian refugee camps, HIV+ youth in Central Africa, or aspiring young rock musicians in ethnically divided Kosovo, making music helps develop talents, connect with others and express hopes and dreams. Empowered by these experiences, many become role models for their peers, or teachers for children in their own communities.

Learn more here about the inspiring work of the other featured organizations from around the world using the power of music to transform lives.

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