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Music as Therapy
August 26, 2015   Palestine

Mentalisation, unconditional positive regard, ambivalent attachment, affect attunement…last weekend, a lot of theoretical terms were translated into Arabic and then interpreted in Palestinian Sign Language!

In July, three trainees and our music coach started the Music as Therapy for Young Children with Learning Disabilities Distance Learning Program from Music as Therapy International: Hitham and Anas from Dheisheh refugee camp and Halimeh, a deaf young woman from Bethlehem.


Usually when we give workshops with Musicians without Borders in Palestine, we work with large groups. Although it is great that we can reach many children this way, the downside of this structure is that there is not much attention for each child individually. Through the Music as Therapy course, the trainees learn how to work with smaller groups and individuals with learning disabilities, setting personal goals for every individual. This is especially important for these trainees since they work with children with Down Syndrome, blind or deaf children, children with autism, with concentration disorders or aggressive behavior. The course will help us to not only play music with many children, bringing happiness and improving emotional and social skills, but also to work more intensively and professionally with children that need more support.

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Next to the monthly tutorial and assignments, we received a two day training from wonderful music therapist Liz Coombes. We learned about the importance of secure attachment between a baby and his/her caretaker, about using music improvisation to express emotions and about several theories supporting the methods of Music as Therapy. In February, all participants will start a practical training to gain experience and fine tune their skills.

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Thank you Holy Land Trust for hosting the training in your comfortable meditation room!

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