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New Training for 2015-2016
August 18, 2015   Europe

We are excited to announce a call for applications for a new Community Music Leadership training in Northern Ireland, commencing this fall! The training is offered in partnership with Culturlann Ui Chanain, and is open to musicians and community workers living in the region.

The training offers an introduction to the principles of Musicians without Borders, training participants to work with vulnerable children and youth in the community as music workshop leaders.

As a prerequisite for participation, we require the following skill sets of trainees:

  • Musical background or familiarity with basic musical skills: good sense of rhythm (can play or clap different rhythmic figures, can sing, body-voice coordination (can sing and walk or move in time to the song)
  • Can play an instrument suited to accompany singing (i.e. guitar, accordion)
  • Leadership qualities: not afraid to step up to a challenge, good communicator, socially aware, good listener, capacity for empathy
  • Commitment: willing to learn, willing to invest in the community
  • Availability to participate in all required trainings, community workshops and supplementary events

Read more and register on Culturlann Ui Chanain’s website.

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