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Get Ready for the Remix Band Camp!
August 13, 2015   West Balkans

In preparation for the Remix Band Camp, we’d like to share some messages from our students who will be blogging about their experiences.

Hey, my name is Isidora, I’m 16 and I play the drums. Looking forward to the summer school and also seeing Skopje as it is my first time visiting.

Hi, I’m Dua. I’m 16 and I’m part of two bands (ORION and Dim7). I started singing when I was 7 years old and have had many concerts.  Music means everything to me. I also was in “the Voice Kids of Albania” two years ago and went until the final. I also went to some festivals like “Rock për Rock”…etc. This  is my first time in Skopje, can’t wait to meet you all and have fun together. 


Hello, I’m Savica, I sing and play keyboard… I also had a chance to write some lyrics the last three times in Skopje with the band Schism… This is my third summer school and I can’t wait for it. 

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