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July 24, 2015
Training of Trainers

From July 11-18, Musicians without Borders led a ‘Training of Trainers’ at the Lioba School for Peace in the Netherlands. This training was the first of its kind, building our capacity to deliver community music programs within current and post conflict regions around the world.

ToT 2

27 highly skilled musicians attended from all over the world: Mexico, Canada, USA (Hawaii, LA, Miami), Ireland, South Korea, United Kingdom, Iceland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, the Netherlands, South Africa and Ukraine. Beyond developing skills in musicianship, leadership and communication (verbal and nonverbal) and nonviolence, the trainees were introduced to methods of training workshop leaders.


Throughout the training, we strived to convey our three core values:

  • To cultivate a culture of nonviolence
  • To increase empathy among all participants
  • To use music as an all-inclusive, all-embracing tool to connect divides

The training collectively increased the capacity of participants to deliver music workshops to support the needs of people affected by conflict.  Another result of the training was the creation of a broader professional network of musicians working towards positive social change.


In the words of our trainees:

The MwB ToT 2015 introduced me to a network of inspiring people, giving me the opportunity to learn from people who spend their lives using music to improve the lives of others. My participation further allowed me to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to use music as a tool for nonviolence and healing. Being at the early stages of my career, it was extremely encouraging to see that a full-time profession in this truly meaningful nature of work can be a reality. I find myself motivated to take the steps towards building a sustainable career for myself in this space.

– Verena Lourenco, Musician & Intern with Sony Music, South Africa

This has been an intensely uplifting experience. I admire and appreciate so much the effort, dedication and passion that the team put into the course. I am still in awe at how much we have done and learnt in such little time. This training has given me so much, both on a professional and personal level, and I will carry the knowledge I gained everywhere I go. My advice to anyone who is thinking of doing it – go with an open mind and heart and with a thirst to learn and grow.

– Sarah Nichols, Music Teacher & Artistic Director – Modern Troubadours, The Netherlands

The unique opportunity to spend time training intensively with MwB has hugely enriched my knowledge and experience of workshop facilitation. A group of talented and creative people working in the field were selected to come together to exchange tried and tested methods of bringing communities and people together through music. I am so pleased to have been a part of this special gift.

Jude Winwood, Creative Director, BeatFeet – Rhythm for Life, United Kingdom

The training from Musicians without Borders was generous, informative, inspiring, creative and intensive.  The material was thoroughly and thoughtfully prepared to give meaningful content at many levels so that everyone could benefit, no matter what kind of work they do. It was also delivered by dedicated workshop leaders with a variety of styles and approaches combining theory and practice, listening and doing.  They gave us so much to think about!  I’m really excited to imagine all the ways I can bring what I learned from MwB into my own work with conflict and community music.

– Cindy Dymond, Conflict Resolution Specialist, Canada

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