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Introducing our new Community Music Leaders
July 31, 2015   Rwanda
On August 2nd, a new group of 28 MwB Community Music Leaders will graduate from their year long training program. For their final assignment they will create an “Active Listening Playground” for 500 children from organisations working with street children, HIV-affected young people, and people living in post-conflict communities. Following their graduation they will take their skills back to their own organisations, with half of the new leaders immediately running a summer camp for vulnerable children.
The new leaders will all also become part of our outreach team, being employed in our new program to give music workshops to young people living in refugee camps in Rwanda. These children include the young people amongst the 25,000 newly arrived refugees escaping growing conflict in neighbouring Burundi.  We plan 9 events in August to launch this new initiative, with regular workshops following through the year.
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