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Musical Playground in Zakariyeh
April 12, 2015   Palestine

Today we visited Zakariyeh, a small village south of Bethlehem. Originally one village, it is now divided by settlements into five parts. Only 650 people live here, and the school we visited, where children learn from kindergarten until the 9th grade, has just 50 pupils. More than 20 percent of their land has been confiscated and is now used by Israeli settlers surrounding their village. Since 1967 the Palestinian inhabitants of Zakariyeh have not been allowed to build in their village, creating severe housing problems. Although the Israeli court has decided in their favor, the military still prevents them from building.


When we arrived in the school we decided to bring different grades together, since some grades only has three students and the 8th grade doesn’t even exist… But that didn’t keep the children from having fun singing, rapping, playing flutes and dancing together!

For more pictures, please check the albumIMG_0227

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