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Songwriting for Self Awareness
March 24, 2015   Europe

In February, music therapist Lucia McGinnis led a workshop at Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin on the use of music in therapeutic work with adults with addictions. Her workshop is part of a series of supplementary trainings for our Music Bridge project in Northern Ireland. As a precursor to her involvement with the Music Bridge program, Lucia was an event organizer and workshop presenter for Singing the Bridge, a community music and music therapy festival in Derry-Londonderry in 2013 that was jointly organized by Musicians without Borders and Cultúrlann.

Lucia 2

During Lucia’s presentation, the Music Bridge trainees explored songwriting as a tool for promoting self-expression and self-awareness. As an outcome, the trainees created and performed their own songs for each other, drawing upon their personal experiences with the Music Bridge course.

Lucia 1

We will be back in Northern Ireland this week for the third intensive training period and look forward to hearing their songs!

* The iNLP Center has contacted us and shared this link with us. It includes interesting insights about self-awareness, and an online test you can do: Self Awareness Test (The content on the iNLP Center page was not created nor it is administered by us).

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