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our work > news > Verdi’s Requiem in Carré with Eva-Maria Westbroek: Benefit Concert for Musicians without Borders
Verdi’s Requiem in Carré with Eva-Maria Westbroek: Benefit Concert for Musicians without Borders
February 25, 2015  
Saturday, 16 May, 2015

Royal Theatre Carré, Amsterdam, 14:00

Tickets can be purchased online ( or at the box office of the Royal Theatre Carré

Telephone: 0900-25 25 255

Toonkunstkoor Amsterdam, together with soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek, will perform Verdi’s Messa da Requiem at the Royal Theatre Carré in a benefit concert for Musicians without Borders.  

Eva-Maria Westbroek

Eva-Maria Westbroek is ambassador of Musicians without Borders and it is at her request that this performance of Verdi’s Requiem is dedicated to the healing power of music. Eva-Maria’s first role as an ambassador for Musicians without Borders was on World Wide Music Day, June 21 2014 when she moved a full house to tears with her recital at Splendor, Amsterdam. As Eva-Maria Westbroek is an internationally-acclaimed opera star, it is a rare opportunity for Dutch audiences to hear her perform in the Netherlands.

Theresienstadt Concentration Camp  and Verdi’s Messa da Requiem

In November 1941, a concentration camp was established in the Czech city of Theresienstadt. Within only a few months, more than 50,000 Jews were imprisoned at Theresienstadt; crowded, malnourished and without appropriate sanitary conditions. Despite the inhumane conditions, there was a rich cultural life due to a relatively large number of artists and musicians among the prisoners.

One of the prisoners was conductor Rafael Schächter. He organized a number of performances, with Verdi’s Requiem being the highlight. In 1943, he rehearsed the piece, from a score that had been smuggled into the camp, with a choir of 150 Jewish prisoners. Twice, Schächter had to reinitiate the rehearsal process as choir members were either executed or deported to Auschwitz. Yet with no more than a rickety piano to accompany the choir, he still managed to give 16 performances of this powerful piece of music.

If there was ever a place where the power of music was evident, then it was here amongst the devastating and inhumane circumstances in Theresienstadt. Particularly in times of utter desolation and despair, a sense of dignity and humanity can be restored through the power of music.

Royal Theatre Carré

Amstel 115

1018 EM Amsterdam


Eva-Maria Westbroek, soprano

Tania Kross, alto

Frank van Aken, tenor

Jaco Huijpen, bass

Toonkunstkoor Amsterdam & Noord Nederlands Orkest under the direction of Boudewijn Jansen

Ticket Sales

Prices (€ 75 – € 70 – € 55 – € 40 – € 25, -)

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the Royal Theatre Carré

Ticket sales: 0900-25 25 255

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