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Musical Playgrounds
February 12, 2015   Palestine

The Musical Playground is a new chapter in the developing story of Palestine Community Music, combining music and nonviolent leadership, body percussion, rap, movement and voice, working with local partners to create outdoor performances with entire school populations. This year, at least 2500 children from refugee camps and isolated villages will join our program, while their teachers and mothers will watch them perform.


This week, a training was given by the dedicated and brilliant Tom Freke and Lucas Dols. Together with nine local musicians and workshop leaders, a workshop program has been created and practiced, including a song about freedom and a rap about going to school. Every member of the team adds a unique skill, with diverse backgrounds in Arabic music, Western music, dance, drumming and rap, including a deaf workshop leader. 800 flutes made from rubber electricity tubes will be produced by a local artist, so the children can accompany the freedom song on flutes.


This March, the first Musical Playground will take place, and you can be part of it! Please help us to reach our fundraising goal by sharing this post or donating.

Only with your help can we continue our work to reach thousands of children in Palestine!


For more pictures, please check out the Facebook album.

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