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January 13, 2015 •• Music Bridge
Workshop on Music and Trauma

Last Saturday, Dr. Julie Sutton gave a special presentation to the Music Bridge trainees on music and trauma.

Dr. Sutton has practiced as a registered music therapist for over eighteen years, working with a wide range of clients and also as a researcher in the subject areas of Parkinson’s disease, complex speech and language impairment, Rett Syndrome, psychological trauma and interpersonal processes in improvisation. She works regularly in Belfast, Dublin, and London as well as for the Pavarotti Music Centre in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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In 2013, Dr. Sutton was a workshop leader during the Singing the Bridge festival, co-facilitated by Cultúrlann and Musicians without Borders, and now serves as a supplementary trainer for the Music Bridge program.

During the workshop, the trainees practiced exercises exploring musical ways of working with people with trauma, building stronger connections between members of the group as well.

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Thanks to Dr. Sutton for her contributions to the Music Bridge program!

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