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our work > news > Autographed AKAI LPK 25 Pro up for auction!
Autographed AKAI LPK 25 Pro up for auction!
January 27, 2015  

Tunemelt, an new online platform for broadcasting events, music and shows, has collected autographs from 15 prominent DJs and musicians who signed a AKAI LPK 25 Pro. They now put it up for auction with proceeds going to Musicians without Borders. To place your bid, follow this link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/AKAI-LPK-25-pro-signed-by-Harwell-Chris-Liebing-Frontliner-Loco-Dice-More-/161575262437

Thank you Tunemelt for this amazing action, and thank you all the artists who signed: Hardwell, Frontliner, LOCO DICE, Chris Liebing, Olivier Weiter, Prunk, Milan Meyberg, Tim Hoeben, Bram Fidder, Victor Coral, Times Are Ruff, Faisal, Elias Mazian, De Sluwe Vos and Dj Jose!artist-keyboard-facebook