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Planting Trees
January 22, 2015   Palestine

Planting trees is one of the powerful nonviolent actions in Palestine. While many farmers depend on their olive or fruit trees, settlers and soldiers regularly uproot them. So planting new trees is not only supporting the local farmers and the environment, but also an act of resilience and hope for a better future.


During such an activity in December, the Saffa drum group played uplifting rhythms to ease the work. Over 200 trees were planted that day by volunteers, accompanied by the drum sounds. The group was founded at Handalah Cultural Center during the summer in 2014. Since then, they have been training around 50 youth and participated in several performances for their community. Because the group did not have their own drums, they borrowed them from the neighboring villages of Bil’in and Kafr Ne’mah. Musicians without Borders supported this enthusiastic group of youth so they could purchase their own instruments and continue their drumming for social change.
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