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And the painting goes to…
January 17, 2015  

William holding his painting that he donated to MwB

From the dozens of new Friends of Musicians without Borders, Diane Lemieux, a Canadian writer who lives in Nigeria, won this beautiful painting. The painting was donated to us by Rwandan artist and close friend, William Ngendandumwe, who asked to present it as a gift to one of the new friends of Musicians without Borders. The drawing was held on January 12.

Diane Lemieux

Diane Lemieux, Canadian writer in Nigeria

When Diane received the news, she asked us to share this: “I choose to support Musicians without Borders over all other international NGOs because I’ve seen the impact of their work: they achieve miracles through the simple, universally human love of music. Thank you for your dedication to vulnerable children in sensitive hotspots around the world.”

Congratulations Diane, and thank you once again, William,

From all of us at Musicians without Borders