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Blind children rap about their dreams
January 9, 2015   Palestine

Al-Shurouq School for Blind Children in Beit Jallah is always organizing interesting activities for their students. We have given several music workshops in their school, and two groups of children received a series of ten rap workshops. During the workshops of Soud and Hisham from Dheisheh refugee camp the children developed their musicality and wrote their own rap texts. Please enjoy the following video clip created by Soud Homaidi of one of the songs written by the blind children. You can find the Arabic lyrics and English translation below.

انا ساجدة بحب الموسيقى بكرة بدي اصير معلمة عريقة
اعلم الاطفال عالعود و الجيتار
اوصل الرسالة و الموسيقى هي الطريقة

انا كرم بحب الجيش عشان احمي الوطن
و اساعد الناس و اتغلب على المحن
انا كرم حامي الوطن

انا احمد نفسي اصير استاذ
اعلم انجليزي بدرجة امتياز
١ ٢ ٣ طلاب في الكلاس
يلا اول درس افتحوا الكراس

انا اريج بدي اندمج للمجتمع اغاني انتج
راب يغير الناس يخلي عندهم احساس x٢

انا مازن بدي افتح مخازن لمعرض سيارات
ابيع مرسيديس و بيع بي ام ات
و اساعد الناس اوفرلهم مواصلات
انا مازن ملك السيارات

فكرتي، اكتب عن شو بحب
ف جعبتي، كلام كثير مهم

I am Sajida, I love music and I want to become a great teacher
to teach children the guitar and Oud
to convey a message through music

I, Karam, want to be in the army to protect our homeland
and help people and overcome adversity
I am Karam, the homeland protector

I am Ahmad, I want to be a teacher
to teach English perfect
1,2,3 students in the class
the first lesson, open the book

I am Areej, I want to merge in the community and produce music
Rap changes people and give them feelings (2x)

I am Mazen, I want to open a car show room
I will sell Mercedes and BMW
and help people and offer them transportation
I am the king of cars, I am Mazen

My idea is to write about what I love
In my heart are many important words

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