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December 11, 2014 •• Palestine Community Music
“Life is Sad…”

In November and December, four grades from the Ephpheta Paul VI Institute in Bethlehem received a series of ten rap music workshops from Musicians without Borders rap workshop leaders Mohammad, Soud and Hisham. The kids are deaf, but that didn’t keep them from making music, rapping and writing words for their own songs!

We are very impressed by these talented children, and thankful for the school and their staff for having us.

Although we didn’t perform an official evaluation, the following picture made after the last workshop shows us that Mohammad, Soud and Hisham did a great job:

board deaf

“Life is sad because the rap finished”

The good news? We didn’t really finish the rap workshops! A music video will be created together with the kids and a performance for their friends in school. More to come soon….

146For more pictures, please visit the Facebook album.