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Rwanda Youth Music Part 2!
December 25, 2014   Rwanda

The second level of training in Rwanda finished earlier this month. During the training week, the trainees learned and used new skills in music leadership to facilitate activities in drumming, singing, dancing, conducting and playing.

In Level II of the training, the trainees learn to create a full-length workshop, connecting activities with themes and musical ideas. They also learn to adapt activities according to different situations and profiles of the children.


One of the trainees leads an orchestra activity.

On the fourth day of the training, the trainees lead music workshops for 40 children at Miracle Corners in Nyamata where they applied their new skills in conducting and non-violent leadership and communication.


The trainees lead activities to children, as part of their training.

For one year we train 30 young Rwandans to become music workshop leaders in their communities, bringing music to hundreds of HIV-affected children and youth.

We would like to thank Lucas Dols, Musicians without Borders’ trainer, for a fantastic training week.

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