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We Make Music Too!
December 8, 2014   Palestine

10484783_311243565730984_7962516199148304334_nWhat do you see when you look at these pictures? What do I see? I see beautiful children smiling and enjoying making music. I see two Musicians without Borders workshop leaders, positively engaging the children in the music activities.

What do I not see? That most of these children are deaf. That some of them have learning difficulties or other special needs. That one of the workshop leaders is deaf. That the kids are refugees.

This is the power of community music: everyone is included and everyone is equal!

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Thank you Ibda’ Cultural Center for letting us use your beautiful hall and thank you workshop leaders Halimeh and Magedah for your beautiful work with the children!

As the project manager  and music coach of Palestine Community Music, Fabienne van Eck gives music workshops in refugee camps, isolated villages and hospitals. Since 2012, Fabienne has been the artistic director of Sounds of Palestine, a project for children in refugee camps that combines music and social work.

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