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Lotus’ Smile and 601 Kids!
November 20, 2014   Palestine


“We just need to find a Skoda car!”

After driving to Dura, South Hebron, I picked up Lotus from her village. Lotus has participated in numerous training sessions with Musicians without Borders and Holy Land Trust and uses her musical leadership skills in kindergartens and primary schools. Her beautiful contagious smile rarely leaves her face and ensures that children love her immediately.

From Dura we drove to Idna, where we were supposed to find the Skoda car. I still didn’t understand how finding this car would help us in getting to the only mixed (boys-girls) school of Idna until Lotus explained it to me: the village doesn’t have yellow shuttle taxis as other Palestinian cities, instead they use regular Skoda cars, and the school we were looking for is along the route of these cars. Still searching for the Skoda, we asked someone where we could find the cars. Although he was driving a Citroen Berlingo, the man told us to follow him, all the way to the school.

The teachers collected all 601 children and we started the workshop. We sang, played body percussion, danced and laughed in the sun. Thank you Lotus and the Asqalan School for the lovely morning!

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As the project manager  and music coach of Palestine Community Music, Fabienne van Eck gives music workshops in refugee camps, isolated villages and hospitals. Since 2012, Fabienne has been the artistic director of Sounds of Palestine, a project for children in refugee camps that combines music and social work.

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