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our work > news > Sunrise Rap: Workshops at Shorouq School for Blind Children
Sunrise Rap: Workshops at Shorouq School for Blind Children
November 18, 2014   Palestine

Holy Land Trust volunteer Duan visited one of the rap workshops for blind children, given by rap workshop leaders Hisham and Soud from Dheisheh refugee camp.


Most of the children in the Sounds of Palestine rap workshop in Beit Jalla (Shorouq School for Blind Children) may have been blind, but this was no inhibition to their having fun! All of the kids involved were jumping out of their skins with enthusiasm for the workshop. The energy they exuded and their constant laughter showed that music really does break down barriers and lets kids be kids.  It was brilliant to see their smiling faces as they performed their own renditions of rap.  The positive release that these kids expressed was powerful and contagious.  Nice job Hisham and Soud from Dheisheh refugee camp for harnessing this energy and focusing the kids on an outlet they obviously cared about and enjoyed.

668 Thank you Duan for your report and pictures!

Topics: Palestine