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November 12, 2014   Rwanda

Congratulations to the 11 new Musicians without Borders Assistant Trainers!

Last week, eight young Rwandans were accepted as Training Assistants for our 2014-2015 projects in Rwanda and Tanzania. The eight new assistants all graduated in February 2013 from Musicians without Borders’ Music Workshop Leadership training, and since then have been using music in support work in their communities with HIV+ children, genocide survivors, and other vulnerable children and youth. In addition to the eight young leaders, three Rwandan musicians will also be employed to work alongside our international trainers during the coming year.

Two of the new Training Assistants leading music activities in Rwanda.

Two of the new Training Assistants leading music activities in Rwanda.

In December 2014 and in April 2015 we will run training weeks in Rwanda and in Tanzania. The Musicians without Borders team in each case will comprise of one international trainer, a Rwandan trainer, and two training assistants. Through this process the new trainees will be able to learn from the experience and skills of Rwandan music leaders, while the Rwandan team learns to train according to Musicians without Borders‘ curriculum and methodology.

This opportunity of employment and progression for the graduated music leaders and local trainers marks an important development in Rwanda Youth Music. The model of local ownership for the project relies on the developing skills of participants and in total we received nineteen applications from very well qualified and experienced people who work within our project.

We are excited to work with our new training colleagues!


In September 2012, Chris Nicholson set up a music therapy program for people living with HIV and AIDS at a clinic in urban central Rwanda. In September 2013, he returned to continue his therapy work with vulnerable HIV+ adolescents and to train staff in Music & Health. He is Project Manager of Rwanda Youth Music and Tanzania Youth Music. Prior to his involvement with music therapy, Chris had an international performance and teaching career as a classical guitarist. He studied classical guitar at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and in Spain with maestros Jose Tomas and Alex Garrobe.

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