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Beautiful Donation Received!
November 4, 2014   Palestine

Thank you Mary and Malban for your beautiful donation of music instruments!

Malban, a 6-piece street band performing a wide variety of music (African, Ska, Latin American, English folk music, Macedonian, etc.) traveled to the West Bank on a fact-finding trip while performing, collaborating with local musicians and giving workshops. Their trip was sponsored by the Leeds Palestinian Solidarity Group.

donated instruments

Just two weeks ago, music workshop leaders Halimeh and Magedah from our program Deaf, Proud and Musical,  asked me for specific music instruments that could be used by youth with severe special needs and by deaf children. How happy I was to find exactly the instruments we needed when I received the donation! The rain sticks and shakers are great for deaf children, because of their appealing colors and the vibrations that can be easily felt when moving them. The rings with bells can be attached to someone’s wrist, so that even the youth who can not hold anything due to their severe physical condition can still enjoy making a sound by themselves.

All the other instruments will be used by the 270 kids in the kindergarten and afternoon program of Sounds of Palestine in Aida and al-Azzeh refugee camp. THANK YOU!!!

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