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our work > news > Deaf, Proud and Musical: Special Music Workshops
Deaf, Proud and Musical: Special Music Workshops
October 28, 2014   Palestine


As part of our program Deaf, Proud and Musical, Halimeh, deaf herself, and Magedah give music workshops all over the West Bank to children and youth with special needs, including blind and deaf children. While attending the Music Leadership Training organized by Musicians without Borders and Holy Land Trust, they learned many new activities and skills to use in their workshops. Two activities were especially useful for working with special needs:

1. The circular rubber band introduced to us by community music therapist Liz Coombes



This tool is used to create a feeling of togetherness, making movements to music, while being connected by the rubber band. The ribbons and bells that Halimeh attached to the band provide extra sensory and aural stimulation.

2. The ‘Forest Song’ taught to us by Musicians without Borders trainer Marijke Smedema

٢٠١٥١٠٢٠_١١٢٩١٨ ٢٠١٥١٠٢٠_١٣٠٥٥٠ ٢٠١٥١٠٢٠_١٣١٣٣٩

This song is about being lost in a forest and asking the animals for help to find the way back home. Halimeh and Magedah created a whole lesson about this song and danced, sang, signed, and crafted a forest together with their workshop participants.

For more pictures, please visit the Facebook album.

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