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our work > news > Press Release: Our Response to Allegations Against Palestinian Partner, Holy Land Trust
Press Release: Our Response to Allegations Against Palestinian Partner, Holy Land Trust
October 23, 2014   Palestine

Amsterdam, 23 October 2014

Our cooperation with Holy Land Trust

Musicians without Borders is an organization the uses the power of music for reconciliation and healing in conflict regions. Our Palestinian partner is Holy Land Trust, an organization that takes its inspiration from Gandhi and Martin Luther King, and works for just, peaceful, nonviolent societies in the Middle East.

Because Holy Land Trust promotes dialogue and admits all Palestinians to its trainings, it has come under attack by a Dutch lobby group because several Hamas members once took part in a training in nonviolent communication.


We know Holy Land Trust to be an organization that chooses dialogue with all parties, as a step to solving the conflict in the Middle East.

We know Holy Land Trust as a community of brave people who choose the way of discussion and negotiation, not the way of war and violence.

We know Holy Land Trust as an organization that lives and works by the principles of nonviolence, an organization that refuses to speak the language of war, neither toward Israelis nor toward Palestinians.

Dutch support

Musicians without Borders and Holy Land Trust have collaborated in Palestine since 2008. We bring music activities to the most vulnerable children in refugee camps, isolated villages, orphanages and hospitals. We train social workers, kindergarten teachers and hospital personnel to use music with traumatized children; and we train them in the principles of nonviolence to support positive, creative approaches to teamwork and to their work with the children. Many Dutch donors support this work, including the Dutch Children’s Stamp Foundation (SKN).

If there is ever to be peace in the Middle East, it will only come from people—and organizations—who, in the middle of the screams for war, continue to speak the language of peace. The ‘language’ of Holy Land Trust is the language of nonviolence. The ‘language’ of Musicians without Borders is language of music. Together, these languages are teaching the children of Palestine the word ‘peace’.

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