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Music & Movements with Marijke!
October 20, 2014   Palestine
IMG_9721The Music Leadership training that lasted three days was often devoid of verbal sound, but was always overwhelmingly full of meaning and purpose. Each activity was an idea for a future lesson to be individually interpreted by the talented minds of the leaders. The workshops purpose was to provide additional tools to connect with children and enhance the use of music and movement to offer a safe and creative outlet of expression.  Working with Marijke, Fabienne and all of the MwB leaders was an experience in tolerance, understanding, adaptability, teamwork and leadership.
IMG_9722This is an incredible team of talented, dedicated and caring people who are amazing at balancing their roles as musicians, teachers and social workers.  I smiled often with the joy this class brought me, and with the admiration I felt for those involved.  I can only begin to imagine the satisfaction and enjoyment the children must get from their interactions with MwB and the outlets they provide for them.

IMG_9703Written by volunteer Duan Chaffey, originally from Australia, living now in Aspen, Colorado. He chose to come to Bethlehem and volunteer with Holy Land Trust and Musicians without Borders as part of his International Relations degree. Thank you Duan, also for the beautiful pictures!


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