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our work > news > Video: Mixed Mitrovica Rock School bands rock across borders
Video: Mixed Mitrovica Rock School bands rock across borders
October 1, 2014   West Balkans

The Mitrovica Rock School has launched a new cycle of mixed bands. The bands are from the ethnically divided city of Mitrovica in Kosovo. Because the members cannot safely meet in their home town, the bands come together in “neutral territory” outside Kosovo. Watch the video to see and hear how their first meeting in neighboring Macedonia went.

The 2014 Ambassador Band Camp provided an intensive song writing, band coaching and recording experience for four mixed bands, Astral Dreamers, The Suck of Phsychotic, Schism and Sublime 6. At the final concert, they were joined by the original “Ambassador Band,” the Artchitects. The video soundtrack is by the Suck of Psychotic, who met for the first time four days before recording the track. How’s that for band chemistry?

All Ambassador Band recordings can be played and downloaded for free on the Mitrovica Rock School’s Soundcloud page.

Ambassador Bands the Artchitects, the Toe May Toes and the Suck of Psychotic will perform in Berlin, Germany, on October 10.