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Ensemble Leading and Nonviolent Communication
September 30, 2014   Palestine

One of the priceless advantages of working with Musicians without Borders is the possibility to meet and learn from visiting trainers. After the inspiring week in August with trainer Otto de Jong, we had the honor to receive Lucas Dols, a double bass player, music and nonviolent communication trainer. Highlights of his visit included a workshop in ensemble leading for the Sounds of Palestine staff and a Nonviolent Communication workshop for our trainees from all over the West Bank. Thank you Lucas for sharing your knowledge and positive energy with us!


Lucas explains the four steps of NVC: Observation – Feeling – Need – Request


Visit to the recording studio in Dheisheh Refugee Camp

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Workshop to the music teachers and social workers of our partner Sounds of Palestine, in Aida Refugee Camp

“Back in Amsterdam after a beautiful, inspiring, touching, confronting and heart-warming visit to the projects of Musicians Without Borders in Palestine. I’m happy to see so many children receiving music education in such a structured and consistent way, and to see how they benefit from this. Also great to see musical projects for children with specials needs, giving every child it’s own and unique voice, telling their own story. I feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to facilitate two trainings to the trainees of MWB, “Leadership in Music” and “Non Violent Communication”. To be able to to do this in Palestine, feels like a dream came true. Great work Fabienne van Eck and Ahmed Al Azzeh! And thanks a lot for taking great care of me during my visit, see you soon. All the best,  Lucas.”

Thank you Maurits for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!


Lucas explains a warm up exercise: without telling the group, every person chooses two people to form a triangle shape with. So whenever someone moves, the whole structure will move until the perfect balance is found in which every person has created a triangle shape with two other people.

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