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our work > news > Mitrovica Ambassador Bands write, record songs
Mitrovica Ambassador Bands write, record songs
August 27, 2014   West Balkans


Half-way into the seventh annual band camp in Skopje, Macedonia, the four participating bands of the 2014 Ambassador Band Camp have all written and recorded new material.

All bands have members from both sides of the divided city of Mitrovica, Kosovo, and cannot safely meet in their own town. With the coaching of the Fontys Rockacademie, Musicians without Borders and their own Mitrovica teachers, the bands have written one to two new songs each and are preparing for a big concert on Friday August 29 at Havana Summer Club in Skopje City Park.

The Rock School’s own sound engineer, once a student-trainee himself, is producing studio recordings of all four bands, to be posted soon on the Rock School’s Soundcloud page.

For day-by-day updates of our progress at the Band Camp in Skopje, follow the Mitrovica Rock School’s blog.


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