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In Memory of Nabil Hamouz
August 5, 2014   Palestine

It has been more than one week now, and we are still in complete shock…Nabil is not with us anymore. Nabil Collage_1 August Nabil was one of Musicians without Borders’ rap workshop leaders. There are no words to describe this loss. People that knew him know what I am talking about. Nabil was simply an amazing person, in many different ways. It’s a terrible loss for his family, his friends, his colleagues, the children he was working with. It’s a terrible loss for Palestine and for humanity. I don’t have words. So please instead read the words rap workshop leader Mohamad Azmi wrote (English translation follows Arabic):

تركنا نبيل بين الصدمة والأمل

عندما قررت الكتابة كانت هناك صورة واحدة في عقلي لم تفارقني أبدا ، كتبت وحذفت ما أكتب (و إن لم أبالغ ) آلاف المرات.

رحت في رحلة بين الصور كي أبحث عن كلمة مفتاحية لما سأكتب فاعتقلتني كلمة واحدة وهي الحياة.

الحياة هي الكلمة المفتاحية لأي جملة أو قصة أو أغنية يمكن أن نتحدث فيها عن نبيل ، نبيل يعشق الموسيقى فهذا حياة ، نبيل متعاون وهذا حياة ، نبيل متفائل وهذا حياة، نبيل قلب طيب وهذا حياة ، نبيل هو ابتسامة تخرج من قلبك عندما تراه ويعانقك ويبتسم.

كان يحمل رسالة الحب أينما حل ومع أي أحد.

موت نبيل ليس موت بل موت نبيل حياة.

أحيا فينا كل المعاني والأمل والقوة التي تدفعنا إلى الأمام في عملنا مع الاطفال في كل العالم وعلمنا ما لم نتعلمه منه في حياته…

علمنا الحياة ..

Nabil has left us with shock and hope.  When I decided to write something, there was only one picture in my mind, and it has never gone away. I wrote and deleted over and over again (without exaggeration) thousands of times. I went on a journey among pictures to find a clue, to find a word to start with, when one word possessed me, conquered my mind and heart, it is life. Life is the word that fits any sentence, story or song when we want to talk about Nabil. Nabil loved music – this is life, Nabil was a friend – this is life, Nabil was optimistic – this is life, Nabil was a goodhearted man – this is life, Nabil was a smile that came out of your heart when you saw him or hugged him.  He was carrying within him a message of love everywhere he went and with everyone he met. Nabil’s death is not a death but life. He revived all the meaning, power, and hope that pushes us forward in our work with children all over the world, teaching us in his life as well as in his death. He teaches us life.

Nadim, a fellow rap workshop leader, was supposed to train a group of children from Ghirass Cultural Center with Nabil this month. He spoke with the children and although they were very sad, the kids wanted to continue with the workshops. They decided to write a rap song for Nabil, to honor his good soul. Rest in peace, Nabil, we all miss you.

— Fabienne van Eck, project manager

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