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June 16, 2014 •• Rwanda Youth Music
The Day of the African Child

The 16th June marks International Day of the African Child, an event established to honour 10,000 school children who marched in Soweto, South Africa, on 16th June 1976 to protest the standard of education that they were receiving, and to demand the right to be taught in their own language.  Hundreds were shot and killed, thousands were injured by bullets.

The occasion is now used as an opportunity to draw attention to the lives of children in Africa today.

We want to take this opportunity to celebrate a group of African children who we work with in Rwanda. These young Rwandans volunteer their time every single week to give support to 100s of vulnerable children through dance, song, instruments, games and musical activities.

Please volunteer the next 4 minutes of your day to listen to their song, Akaririmbo.

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