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WE-ACTx Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary!
June 14, 2014   Rwanda

Today we want to congratulate our partner in Rwanda, WE-ACTx, on their 10th anniversary of providing excellence in care for people living with HIV, and to wish them many, many more years of service.


The event is being marked in Kigali with a celebration for all of the organisation’s patients and supporters.  Although our whole team cannot be there, our thoughts and hearts are with you, and we are very happy to be represented there by Chris and the team of young Musicians without Borders. We’re proud the event will feature a wealth of music, dance and song prepared by young patients, with the outstanding support and knowledge of youth leaders trained by Musicians without Borders.

Since our partnership with WE-ACTx began in 2011, we have been constantly amazed by the standard of care provided to patients, and of the level of support we receive in our project implementation.  Without the positive partnership of WE-ACTx, Rwanda Youth Music would not be the success that it is.

Our partnership with WE-ACTx began when two of our trainers visited to provide music workshops to young patients. The response to music of the young patients and of the WE-ACTx staff led Danny to design and establish Rwanda Youth Music. Since then we have trained the clinic’s youth leaders, established music therapy provision, and helped facilitate on-going musical provision at all of WE-ACTx’s support sites and clinics for young HIV+ patients.

WE-ACTx was founded in 2004 in response to urgent appeals for access to ART medication from Rwandan women who had often become infected with HIV as a result of sexual violence during conflict and genocide. Health professionals from USA mobilised resources and expertise and established WE-ACTx – Women’s Equity in Access to Care and Treatment. Today the clinic cares for 2400 patients, providing free access to medication, treatment, psychosocial care, counselling, and social programmes.

To all the patients, families and staff of WE-ACTx, Happy Birthday!!!!  Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.


Everyone at Musicians without Borders, xx

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