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May 1, 2014 •• Rwanda Youth Music
Skype across continents: Swiss students meet and sing with Rwandan youth leaders

Rwanda Youth Music was featured in the prestigious 2014 Lucerne Easter Festival.

The festival focused its educational program on MwB’s work in Rwanda on behalf of HIV+ youth and children. Rwandan  youth leaders and Swiss highschool students connected through music: the Lucerne students learned Umuco, a song about culture written and recorded by Rwanda Youth Music project participants.

Here is the performance by the Swiss students:

And here is the original version:

Italian composer, Ricardo Panfili, was commissioned by the Lucerne Festival to compose a piece, dedicated to the memory of the Rwanda genocide, for the highschool’s student choir and the Human Rights Orchestra.


Skype across continents: Swiss students meet Rwandan youth leaders.

In a moving on-line meeting, Swiss students sang ‘Umuco’ for  youth leaders Leontine and Dossa—they even managed to sing the song together across continents! Many thanks to Musicians for Human Rights for inviting Musicians without Borders and Rwanda Youth Music to join in a celebration of music and human rights in Lucerne, dedicated to the youth of Rwanda.

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