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About music and how it builds community
May 20, 2014   West Balkans

As ‘From Woman to Woman’ is approaching the end of its first year, we are reflecting on our journey so far, asking ourselves if we did manage to transform in a positive way the lives of those we work with and for. Our answer is an honest “yes”, we did, because we helped those who took part in the project’s activities to rediscover music, to welcome it again in their lives and, along the way, to reconnect with themselves and their community.

The women from Jezevac, Visca, Srebrenica, and Potocari say it themselves.

One woman who only recently decided to join our activities in Visca said: “Seeing you all come together in the last months to sing, to do things together, made me realize I also want to spend several hours in a pleasant environment, socializing and meeting other women, to come out of this monotonous daily life of mine.”


Others said:

“Time for us has stopped here in the past years, but we need positive changes, if not for us, for our children; we need to think positively!” (Mevla)

“After the workshops I always go home full of positive energy and I cannot wait until the next one.” (Refija)

In Srebrenica and Potocari, where our activities take place after the consultation sessions with the psychotherapists who work with our local partner “Snaga Zene”, the women always enjoy the breathing and relaxation activities, improvising with percussion instruments, listening to relaxation music, and the team-building activities, as a perfect continuation after the emotionally challenging, though healing, conversations with the psychotherapists. “We need a bit of relaxation, positive conversation, and festive activities after a serious topic”, one of the participants said.


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