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Help those hit by the floods in Bosnia and Serbia
May 19, 2014  

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Over the past days, Bosnia and Serbia have  been hit by the worst floods in the region’s history. Tens of thousands had to flee their homes as whole towns became submerged in water. While the rain that caused the flooding has stopped, several towns remain at risk as the rivers continue to swell. In Bosnia, warnings have been issued over landmines that may have been dislodged and moved by the floods.

Besides the enormous damage to houses, farms and infrastructure, many people in the affected areas live off the land and have lost their livelihood. Bosnia and Serbia need international support for their search and rescue operations and to repair roads and restore the villages, towns and cities affected by the floods.

Musicians without Borders asks you to consider making a donation through one of the channels below.

To help in Bosnia:
The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has opened following account for donations for victims of the floods in Bosnia:
IBAN CODE: BA391020500000106795
(information on correspondent banks under this link)

To help in Serbia:
Direct donations through credit card or PayPall:
RED CROSS SERBIA – Payment from abroad: All instructions can be found under this link.
Red Cross Serbia will announce in the media where they have directed their money.

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