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March 24, 2014 •• Mitrovica Rock School
Mitrovica Rock School’s Sublime 6 makes international headlines

On March 18, Mitrovica Rock School Ambassador Band Sublime 6 made the international headlines when it was featured on the homepage of BBC News. Formed under the Rock School’s Ambassador Band Program, the band members cannot safely rehearse in their home town of Mitrovica, as they come from both sides of the divided town. Instead, they use the internet and meet in “neutral” Skopje when they can.

View the BBC News report here.

The Mitrovica Rock School has four Ambassador Bands – The Artchitects, the Toe May Toes, Schism and Sublime 6 – and plans to launch a next cycle of Ambassador Bands in 2014. Ambassador Bands are ethnically mixed bands formed by top Rock School students, who write and record own songs and represent the school to audiences world-wide. Because they cannot perform in their own region, the bands depend on international touring opportunities. The Artchitects, the Toe May Toes and Schism will tour Berlin, Germany, this April, while Sublime 6 continues to work on new repertoire.

For more information on Sublime 6, please visit their website.

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