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our work > news > Mitrovica Rockschool Bands Preparing for BERLIN Tour
Mitrovica Rockschool Bands Preparing for BERLIN Tour
March 14, 2014   West Balkans

Great news from the Mitrovica Rockschool. At this moment we are planning and preparing our trip to Berlin with our three ambassador bands. Our mixed bands Artchitects, Toe May Toes and Schism will meet each other again in this great cultural town, rehearse and perform.

The Artchitects were founded already in 2011 and have a broad repertoire and played already several times outside Kosovo. Macedonia, Italy and big venues and festivals in the Netherlands. Great to add now Berlin as well to their International CV.

Schism has won already two contests and although they just started (Skopje 2013) and are also age-wise our youngest ambassador band they have proven to be very creative and enthusiastic songwriters. They are one of our mixed bands which proudly proved again that friendship is made by music instantly.

The Toe May Toes already performed their great catchy songs on the dutch national radio 2 channel in one of the biggest radio shows when they were on tour through Holland in October 2013. Both their energy and quality on stage excites the audience again and again. Their great musicality connected the members and they inspire each other to great heights by their different musical tastes and the combination of this unique mix produces great songs and vibes.

We will upload the performing schedule (April 21st-25th) as soon as the whole tour is confirmed and we would like to invite everyone who is in the nearby area to come and join the concerts.

To hear one of the songs of the Toe May Toes have a listen here:

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