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Training with our Friends from Music Harvest
February 17, 2014   Palestine

Music Harvest is a movement that supports the rehabilitation of local cultural sectors. We concentrate on music, facilitating access to music education, performances and collaborations.”


Trying out different sounds and movements with the sticks

Every three months, a new group of international musicians joins Music Harvest in Nablus. In this city, some surrounding villages and a couple of refugee camps, the volunteers give weekly music workshops. Since 2013, every new group of volunteers participates in the Musicians without Borders music workshop leadership training, given by Fabienne van Eck.


Practicing a body percussion piece with two groups


Playing the ‘forbidden rhythm game’

The newest group arrived in February and was joined by two music teachers from the program Sounds of Palestine. This resulted in a group of trainees from France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Jordan, Nablus, Arub refugee camp and Beit Sahur… but we all spoke exactly the same language, which is the language of music!


Adnan conducts Noor: Noor improvises on his violin according to the movements and signs from Adnan

Thank you Muhammad Ali for making the pictures and thank you Music Harvest for your beautiful work in the North of Palestine!

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