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Music from children to women
February 10, 2014   West Balkans

As events are unfolding in Bosnia & Herzegovina, including on the streets of Tuzla, and seeing so many young people among the protesters, we can’t help but wonder if all this isn’t also a manifestation of the collective trauma, the historical loss suffered by the Bosnian people, particularly the Bosnian women, transmitted to their children and grandchildren.

Together with our From Woman to Woman project partner – Snaga Žene, we believe that singing, listening to music, and musical improvisation with different kinds of instruments and voice can provide an alternative form of communication, a way of expressing emotions and energies, which is why we recently decided to explore the use of music in working with children as well, as part of our project.  These music workshops for children are being offered once a week, in Visca, Bosnia & Herzegovina.


This, however, does not change the focus of our project and the aim of reaching out and delivering music workshops to the women who live in Visca, Jezevac, Srebrenica and Potocari. While we believe in the importance of early listening to music and early introduction to elements of music therapy to children as a way to ensure reduction of trans-generational transmission of trauma from parents to children, this is also a way of reaching out to the young mothers who live in Visca, and gradually introducing them to recreational music activities and stress release exercises.


During the music workshops with children, their mothers join in and listen to their children singing and watch them play musical games, share their joy, their creative energy and their genuine sense of freedom, which brings them closer to the experience of music. In this way, we’re hoping that by the end of this first year of From Woman to Woman we will have succedeed in including more and more of the young mothers in our music activities for women.

From children to women is also a way of sharing the experience of music.


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