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November 12, 2013 •• Rwanda Youth Music
Outreach Events September, October 2013

In September and October the Rwandan youth leaders who graduated from our training program gave music workshops in three different centers, reaching out to another 170 vulnerable children. They visited Amharo in Kacyiru and Kagugu, Kigali, and in the beautiful center of the organization Ready for Reading, in Rwinkwavu, a 2-hour drive from Kigali. The youth leaders (Malkah, Ferdinand, Nadine, Augustin, Leontine, Regina, and Fils) joined by our fantastic drum teacher Jaymo, worked with a total of 170 children, from the age 2 to 18.
Thank you Malka Shyaka, Ferdinand Niyibigira, Lucky Shuster, Habimana Augustin, Uteta Dado Esp Regiute, Mudahemuka Fils, Chris Nicholson, Kana Yves, Drups Jaymo, and CHABHA – Children Affected By HIV/AIDS!