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Training, Training, Training!
November 5, 2013   Palestine

Musicians without Borders has been continuing the Music Leadership workshops for Palestinian assistant trainers. In addition to these workshops with the Palestinian trainers, we had another two exciting workshops with volunteers from Nablus who are volunteering with an organization called Music Harvest. “Music Harvest is a non-profit organization that mobilises resources to create a platform for cultural exchange in under-resourced communities. We concentrate on music, providing access to classes, workshops and concerts to children with fewer opportunities.”[1]

Music training Oct


Music Harvest shares similar ideas and goals as Musicians without Borders and it was wonderful to work with these talented volunteers. After their training, the volunteers gave a performance for members of the community, mainly the refugee boys involved in the Samba workshops in Beit Sahour. At the end of the performance, all of the boys joined in and there was a spontaneous, but amazing “jam session”.  The boys loved the performance and especially loved joining in with their drums at the end and being able to collaborate and play with skilled musicians in a relaxed environment.  I believe everyone gained a lot from that fun experience!



Although the workshops with the Palestinian assistant trainers do not end with a performance, the activities during the workshops for these two groups are very similar. One of the favorite activities among both groups of trainees is the “Paper Orchestra.” For this activity, each trainee receives a piece of paper and one by one we go around in a circle and each person makes a different sound with their piece of paper. After doing it one by one, each sound is added on top of the next to result in a fantastic blend of different sounds- a paper orchestra! It is a great activity that shows how music really can be made from anything, even something as simple as a piece of paper!  


By: Savannah, Musicians without Borders Volunteer


Topics: Palestine