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October 17, 2013 •• From Woman to Woman
Second training for music workshop leaders in Tuzla – BiH

At the end of August, our Musicians without Borders trainers Marijke Smedema and Lis Murphy went back to the Snaga Žene/Women Strength office in Tuzla to deliver the second training on community music, going deeper into the topics tackled during the first training (that took place in July) and planning the workshops that are now being conducted in the settlements in Srebrenica, Potocari, Visca and Jezevac, where women and children still carry the painful memory of losing loved ones and their homes during the war in BiH.

DSC06322 DSC06325 DSC06329 DSC06335 DSC06339

The content of the workshop included, among others, instructions on how to conduct trust building excercises, breathing and relaxation activities, as well as ways of creating music using percussion instruments and simple voice elements. Additionally, the trainees had the chance to work together on creating the schedule and content for the workshops they are now delivering in the camps, together with Almerisa Delić, longtime collaborator of Musicians without Borders.

DSC06341 Jezevac 3 Jezevac 4 Jezevac 5

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